Usatii's people targeted in USA's report, according to "Russian hybrid war against Europe"

16 january 2018

Usatii's people targeted in USA's report, according to

Renato Usatîi's entourage is targeted in the Senate's Report of America, according to the hybrid war of Russia in Europe.

Last week, the Commission of Foreign Affairs of US Senate presented a report "Putin's asymmetric assault on democracy in Russia and Europe: Implications for US National Security". The report targets Kremlin's attacks on the European democracy and its implications in the election campaigns. 

In the report there are many important names from Putin's entourage, among which Vladimir Yakunin, the former member of the USSR mission to ONU.

Those two were KGB colleagues in the Soviet period. Also, Yakunin was called in function of Railroads' chief in 2005, after Putin became the President of the Russian Federation.

Since July 2009, Yakunin controlled the ALROSA State Concern that is specialized on diamonds extraction, through this deputy, Fiodor Andreev. Yakunin helped Renato Usatii to launch in business and helped him to gain millions USD from the delivery of the goods of Yakunin's RJD.

At his turn, Usatii became a politician, due to the money laundering from RJD.

Yakunin left his job of Russian Railways chief in August, 2015, because of the reveals from international journalistic investigation, "Laundromatul Rusesc"

According to this investigation, one of the main beneficiaries of the 20 milliard USD, that were laundered from Russia to Occident through Republic of Moldova, through the No.1 raider in Moldova, Veaceslav Platon is Alexey Krapivin, an interposed person of Yakunin, the son of the former RJD adviser. In September 2014, due the same scandal, Fiodor Andreev was suspended from function.

According to the American report, Vladimir Yakunin invested 28 milliards USD in a NGO from Berlin, called "Civilizations' Dialogue", that is considered to be a Russian tool in the hybrid war against Europe and the USA.

In the report it is also mentioned that Yakunin and Konstantin Malofeev, the Russian businessman sponsored some right parties reunions in Moscow. At the same time, Andre Anglin, the Daily Stormer's owner, the biggest neo nazist web site administrated it in Russia too. The content is shared on the social media by some Russian trolls. 

The Senate's report established that Moscow developed close relationships with different European NGOs that promote gun-rights and oppose the rights of sexual minorities. Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of the Central Russian Bank and former deputy in Putin's party who was suspected of money laundering from Russia to Spain for the Russian mafia established close relationship with the National Association of Guns from the USA. As in the case of supporting radical right-wing political movements in Europe, these Kremlin actions are diversionist in nature and destabilize European and US democracies.

The report also mentions about Russian attacks of Republic of Moldova. Thus, the Report established that Moscow supports the separatism in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

At the same time, the American senators found out that Russia involves directly in the political process and election campaigns from Moldova, through supporting the Socialist Party. Also, in Montenegro, Moscow involves the church in the political issues of the country, the same as in Moldova.

Russia funds with over 100 million USD such foundations as Rossotrudnichestvo, with other 100 million USD it evolves its activity in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Balkans, Serbia and Bulgaria.

The funds are spent on different activities of gaining the population's sympathy of those countries for the Russian Federation and decrial actions against European Union and the USA.

The cybernetic attacks of Russia against the USA and the Kremlin's propagandistic attacks are also mentioned in the report.

Moscow spends 1,4 milliard euros yearly, to maintain its propagandistic empire. 300 million of those are allocated for Russia Today TV channel that in partnership with NTV is the top of the propagandistic machine against the Occident. In consequence, the report established the necessity of the USA's implication to stop Russia's activity against Europe.

 Last week, in Chisinau there was promulgated and published a law that was voted by the Moldovan Parliament against Russian propaganda, which means to avoid the Russian news and propagandistic TV shows.

The law will come into force after 30 days. Kremlin, the Socialist Party and Our Party had a hostile reaction on this.

The law was promulgated by Andrian Candu, after Igor Dodon rejected it twice and the Constitutional Court suspended him temporary.