"Mamaliga and wine" for Clara Zetkin or traces of the Russian Laundromat left in the staff of Maia Sandu

23 january 2019

A month ago we have been contacted by a man who introduced himself as „one of the Veaceslav Platon's close ones”, who was by his side in Kiev during the evening of 25th of July 2016, just a little before the detention from the Ukrainian intelligence services (SBU).

The discussions we had with him, which we managed with great prudence, so we could avoid any possible provocation from Platon and from the Russian intelligence, have turned into a wide-spread investigation, which had it's peak with some serious evidence “to blow up the political class in Chisinau”, an expression that has become notorious in Moldova.

After some long discussions with this man, we managed to put our hands on 10 mobile phones that you can see in the picture.



These are the phones that were used by Veaceslav Platon, who gave them to a close one right before the detention, so he could store them. Not before formatting them.

Unfortunately for him, we know how to retrieve information from a phone, even after deleting it, but not the man who gave us these phones.

So, after hard and assiduous work with our IT-experts friends, we managed to extract from one of the phones, an iPhone, the WhatsApp chats from Veaceslav Platon. That iPhone is the key that unlocked the path towards the most mysterious area from contemporary political technology, in which the processes are managed in shade by millionaires and billionaires, through and entire industry of propaganda and PR. And the citizens in this show have nothing but the spectator and vote-machine role, according to the shade-technology policy. The chats from that iPhone are lighting up the darkest corners from the backstage of the public life, including the political one, from the Republic of Moldova.

After analyzing with our partners from USA and Ukraine the chats content, we realized those were of very high importance, not also for the intelligence, but also public. And not only for Chisinau, but also Kiev, Washington and Brussels. This fact made us choose to publish part of them, as long as the publication won't cause any trouble to the continuation of our investigation, on a few really important parts.

The whole series of proofs which we managed to process and manage throughout the investigation remains in our possession. We are available to present them in case the authorities and institutions from the Republic of Moldova or from abroad show interest.

In order to make the information more clear and easier to be understood by the vast majority of the public, we start our presentation of this first report based on the investigation by presenting the files of the protagonists of the analyzed chats:


Veaceslav Platon



  1. “The Russian Laundromat architect”(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veaceslav_Platon)  The money laundering, which had been unmasked in 2014, by the OCCRP journalists, in which Platon has laundered from Moscow to the West through “Moldindconbank” and the banks from Latvia tens of billions of dollars, for the financial support towards Russian intelligence services spying operations;
  1. Ex-unofficial collaborator of the SIS, an institution which was under the Russian special services until its reformation in 2011;
  2. The author of many diversionary attacks toward the Ukrainian and Moldovan economical security (https://zeppelin.md/rom/investigatii/slava-v-ukrayini);
  3. A person with close relations towards persons from special services and outlaws from Russia, among which have already been identified: Aleksei Sobolev, “Volodea”, Grigori Karamalak aka “Grisha the Bulgarian”.


Dmitri Zaikin


Also known as David ZAIKIN, a dark lobbyist that doesn't declare his activities according to the USA legislation and his residence countries. Born in 1967 in the USSR (Kharkov city, SSR of Ukraine), he emigrated with his family in 1990 from the USSR to Canada. He is the holder of a Canadian passport, with relations and influence in the business cirques, oligarchs and politicians from the Russian Federation, partner of the lobbyist, Michael Flynn, in the scandal linked to the involvement of the Russian intelligence in the presidential elections in the USA in 2016, which are still shaking today Washington. Zaikin is well known for his aggressive lobbying activity in Eastern Europe, by consulting pro-Russia parties from Albania and Macedonia, providing services also to the pro-Russian Hungarian politician Viktor Orban. The American press considers it as person with deep links with Russian special services.


Aleksandr(Alexander) HEIFITZ



US resident and hailing from the USSR. He speaks Russian, English and Spanish. He visits often the Russian Federation and Ukraine. He works as a dentist in New York city, owner of the models agency „Al Models” (http://almodels.com/ru/why-us/), which hires young models from Russia and Ukraine and assures them USA immigration. One of the Russian Laundromat beneficiary, by being the off-shore company owner registered in Cyprus AZYOL DEVELOPMENT LTD. Heifitz's off-shore has bought in December 2015, with the laundered money from Moscow in the Russian Laundromat 4% of the stakes from Moldova Agroinbank. His share had been blocked in March 2016, by the NBM, his shares were recognized as result of an agreement with Veaceslav Platon.


Victo Tsopa



Millionaire, businessman and mogul of the Moldovan press, owner of the press-trust Jurnal. In 1990-1992 he was a pilot instructor in the Military Aviation School in Volgograd, Russian Federation. Between 1992 and 2001, he had different function in the Moldovan civil aviation. In 2001 he had been elected minister of transports in the communist government from Chisinau conduced by Vasile Tarlev. He had received a penal sentence because of the fraudulent privatizing of the state company Air Moldova and for financial scamming, at the moment he is escaping Moldovan justice in Germany.


Andrei Nastase

Victor Țopa' s relative. The Oligarh is his wedding Godfhater.





International political consultant, implicated in the “Michael Flynn-Ekim Alptekin” scandal, lobbying with Dmitri “David” Zaikin the interests of the Turkish government in USA.


Morris L.REID



15 years experienced consultant with both public and private customers in the public affairs and media strategies specialized company Mercury LLC.





Member of the Heritage Foundation NGO.





Political analyst, specialized in problems of energetic security.


Noel Boxer



Political consultant specialized in political campaigns, he had been hired and paid by Veaceslav Platon as the counselor of the presidential elections concurrent Maia Sandu in 2016.





A politician self-declared “pro-Occident”, whom had been created an image at the presidential elections in 2016, by the mass media as one of an Occidental sustained politician.


Natalia Morari



A propagandist hailing from the Republic of Moldova, who studied and began her career in Moscow and returned back 2008, after a mysterious “expulsion” by the Russian special services. The “expulsion” matched with the preparations for the mass riots from Chisinau on the 7th of April 2009, events also known as “Twitter revolution”. Morari had been one of the main organizers and protagonists of those events, a confirmed role in the revelations from the close propagandist of the Russian special services Eduard Baghirov.

After 2009, she becomes an employee and a close one of the deputy of the party in charge and also of the son of the ex-president of Moldova Kiril Luchinsky, involved in the Moldovan banking system robbery. Kiril Luchinsky is close to Veaceslav Platon, since those two are in good relations, and we have upcoming proofs about that. Kiril Luchinsky is the owner of the TV channel from Chisinau TV7, media business launched when his father was the president of Moldova, which he gave under Natalia Morari's management. After a change of the channel name, now the channel operates as TV8, in the same headquarters financed from European funds.





Ex-director of the anti-laundering service from the National Anti-corruption Center (NAC) in Chisinau, author of many revelations about the robbery of the Moldovan banking system and the Russian Laundromat between 2010-2014. 



Actually when Veaceslav Platon starts having correspondence with Dmitri “David” ZAIKIN, who he had been put in contact with by his superiors from the special services from Moscow since 2013. It was happening when in Platon's “Moldindconbank” the Russian laundromat was taking place, the “Banca de Economii” was getting robbed, and Moldova was shocked by the clashes inside the “Alliance for the European integration”. The conflicts were taking place while negotiations on the association of the Republic of Moldova to the EU, which were deeply bothering the Kremlin and the Russian services. Two months after the “Padurea Domneasca” case and after the AIE recovery, on 18th of Mach 2013, Dmitri Zaikin comes for the first time in Chisinau, where he remains till the 21st of March 2013.



In 2016, Veaceslav Platon starts having correspondence with Dmitri Zaikin via WhatsApp, on the account with the nickname “Alex”, identified with the number:+380673224127. It helped us to identify him, even he revealed himself in a message sent on the 24th of June 2017 to Sara SHOR.



Dmitri “David” ZAIKIN appears in chats with Platon on two WhatsApp accounts, one on a US number, identified with the nickname “dd”, +13472166718 and another one from the UK, identified with the nickname “D”.



At the same time, Veaceslav Platon communicates on the same WhatsApp account with Victor Topa, who is the most honest among all and identifies himself with no nickname, by using Cyrillic letters „Виктор Цопа”, using the number +491726893515.





-  Victor, we were asked not to publish the letter till Monday evening.
- No problem. It's important for  «Plaha» not to realize that this is just a show.


The intense communication between Platon, Zaikin and Topa starts on the 13th of June 2016, when Platon finds out from his sources about the criminal record against him by the Moldovan prosecutors.

The communication between those three ends in the evening of the 25th of July 2016, when Platon had been detained in Kiev by the Ukrainian security service “SBU”, after he had been declared internationally wanted.

Dmitry “David” Zaikin is a controversial figure, became known in Occident by his close links with Kremlin’s oligarchs and Russian special services, specifically with Alisher Usmanov. Zaikin is known also as a partner of Michael Flynn (on the photo, near Vladimir Putin), accused for encouraging of the russian services’s interference in USA’s presidential elections. Zaikin represented the pro-russian’s politicians ant pro-russian political parties’s interests in European countries, like Albania, Macedonia, Hungary and, like we will discover as follows, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.



The discussions between Platon and Zaikin, the dark lobbyist at their disposal from their superiors from Moscow, had not only have a commercial purpose, of customer, service provider, but also friendly. Zaikin provided to Platon lobbying and PR services, in exchange for consistent amounts of money, for a sum of more than half million US dollars. The main goal of the transaction was Platon's personal protection and affairs from the threats of criminal records on him by the prosecutors from Chisinau.

The working method used by Veaceslav Platon with Dmitri “David” Zaikin for reaching the goal in common consisted in putting pressure on the government from Chisinau, through aggressive lobbying from both Chisinau and international mass-media, so the coordinator of the alliance from the government, Vlad Plahotniuc, would stop Platon's criminal inquiry. This conclusion had been stated by no one else but Victor Topa, still on 11th of July 2016.


Everything  looks like to be pressing  towards “Plaha” in order for you to succeed in the now-going  dealings with him . It seems that there are dealings with Iarlov taking  place . 13.15 has been chosen for this. If the process  won't move forward officially in the  USA, you have a really big problem. “Plaha” will give up toward s you and the final won't be a good one for you.


This way, Platon and Zaikin have set up a whole machine of the external denigration of the image of R. of Moldova, but also media attacks on the coordinator of the Moldovan government Vlad Plahotniuc, considered by Platon the cause of his issues with the justice, but at the same time the one who can solve them.

After the approval of a common plan of action and strategy, the machine starts off, through publication of certain denigrating articles/interviews published on request and with financing in the international press, such as the websites thehill.com, prnewswire.com, washingtontimes.com, dailysignal.com, etc, which were moreover taken and shared, sponsored as well by a huge part of the press from Chisinau.

Veaceslav Platon not only did finance, but also personally coordinated each media apparition by approving the video or written content.

More interesting, the plan established by Platon and Zaikin not only included the application of media pressure, but also of the political influence on Plahotmiuc.

The political pressure gets the form of promoting and financing Plahotniuc's political opponents, as main subject we have Maia Sandu. It's time to see how Veaceslav Platon and Dmitri “David” Zaikin have hired for Maia Sandu and paid for the services of some internationally ranked political counselors, so they could create her fake image of a politician sustained by the West.

Despite the fact our main subject of the investigation is the collaboration between Platon and Zaikin with impact on the R. of Moldova, the area they are operating in goes beyond the borders of our country. Platon recommends Zaikin's services one of his close ones from Ukraine, known in the chat as “Aleksandr”, who had issues with the Ukrainian justice, similar to the ones of Platon in the R. of Moldova. Zaikin had to help his Ukrainian customer through a similar technical procedure, attacks on Ukraine, against the government from Kiev.

This way, in June 2016 Zaikin sends Platon a plan of action waiting for approval, composed by Zaikin in Russian, and a budget of 490.000 USD, which were to be paid in three chunks    

  • 19th of June – 200.000$
  • 19th of July – 195.000$
  • 19th of August – 95.000$


- I split them in three 200-195-95. 19th of June -19th of July – 19th of August. Can you deal with it?
- How much to the USA and how much to the UK?
- Start with the UK, we will deal with it on the process.


It is quite interesting that the financing plan which is discussed in the correspondence between Platon and Zaikin is identical to the one in Mihail Gofman's possession, which he sent us during the interview in Athens, recently made public, Gofman declaring that this plan would be also in possession of the US services.



The financial sources of the actions approved by Zaikin and Platon had to be camouflaged through intermediate companies, so Platon's name wouldn't have come up. This was one of Zaikin's conditions (check below). As money transfer intermediary is chosen Alexander Hefitz, the dentist from New York involved in the Russian Laundromat, ex shareholder at Moldova Agroindbank.


- Okay
- 100%! Baltic states, Latvia- Lithuania? To London is okay. It has to be a new company. Without you.
- Do the payments have to be monthly?


Platon proposed to Zaikin to make the transfers from Russia and the Baltic states, Zaikin completely refuses money from Russia. In the end, Zaikin sends Platon a bill, with the destination “Media consultation services”. Those two agree to wire the laundered money via a Swiss bank, but a problem shows up, the bank refuses to wire the money to a natural person. Therefore, Platon asks Zaikin whether he has a company through which the many could be transferred. At last, the problem gets solved with Zaikin finding an American company.


- The Swiss bank doesn't transfer money on natural persons, legal persons only. Maybe there's a company to which we could transfer the money?
- There is, but in the USA. I haven't been called from the bank yet.


This way, Platon and Zaikin agree that the lobbying activity must be malicious, illegal, undeclared to the institutions of the USA and UK and the real origin of the money had to be hidden, financial transactions that may be considered as money laundering.

Maia Sandu's role is conceived by the plan of action and the costs assessment approved by Platon and Zaikin as mean of revenge toward the government from Chisinau for the criminal records against Platon and at the same time to make pressure on the government coordination of Plahotniuc, maybe to influence the law institutions from Moldova in order to stop the suing against the raider.

The first contact between Zaikin and Sandu take place on the 17th of June 2016, via e-mail, those two agreeing to have a meeting in Chisinau. The meeting takes place a few days later, on the 21st of June 2016. Zaikin goes to Chisinau on the laundered money by Platon, with the employee of the private public affairs and media strategies consultation company “Mercury LLC” Morris L. Reid.


- Please look for Sandu's  e-mail for me . Morris will write her.
- I'll do my best.
- Thank you.


Zaikin reports to Platon about the meeting with Maia Sand and with Reid next to him, and stated it was a really good meeting:


- Tomorrow with Maia at 12:00. And at 16:30 with the ambassador.
- Great.
- It would be great if Bryan, Morris and I had dinner with your boys. 2000.


Besides the meeting, Zaikin is constantly in touch with Maia Sandu. Zaikin reports ironically to Platon that he receives a lot of desperate emails and that “she asks for help”. The two agree on helping Maia Sandu thanks to the laundered money by Platon. And furthermore “in case she wins the 2016 elections”, she “would compensate the cost and pay up the debts”. Therefore, Platon gives Zaikin the task, to make Maia Sandu “the only candidate sustained at the presidential elections from 2016 by the right political forces” from R. of Moldova:


- Maia sent us emails. She asks for help. We send the groceries right away.
- Very well, she need support, her chances are high.
- Kosher ham. We are preparing for her instructions and materials. I will send a sociologist from Obama's team next week. Car + hotel + food are on you. I pay for the ticket.
- When's the most appropriate moment? Now or in August or in September?
- I don't know. I think this should be part of the general conception.
- It seems obvious. He may now tell about the American delegation and about the sustain provided to Maia. And attack unexpectedly "plahish" in September.


On the 13th of July 2016, Zaikin comes back to Chisinau, again on Platon's money, with the employee from the private company “Mercury LLC” Morris L .Reid, but also the political consultant John Moreira (check upper files).

The goal of the travel, coordinated previously with Platon, it is a new meeting with Maia Sandu.



As a result from that meeting, Zaikin composes a letter, along with Platon, through which Maia Sand ask the IMF not to provide financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova. The diversion had been conceived, planned and implemented by Zaikin and Platon, Maia Sand was just the signer, who was aware of the consequences of that letter:


- Now we will make a press-release for the Western mass-media – IMF must start an inquiry .  Wait, I'll send you the documents.


On Zaikin's request, Platon involves into sustaining the cause from Maia Sandu to the IMF not only the politician Andrei Nastase, but also the pro-Russian politicians from Chisinau, Igor Dodon and Renato Usatii:


– Someone else providing support? Will you talk to your friends?
- Yes, absolutely.
- She+Nastase. Anyone else?
- +Dodon and Usatii.


Being requested by zeppelin.md, Maia Sandu CONFIRMED, by the facebook page of her party, the contact with the lobby team coordinated and financed by Platon and respectively the meetings with Dmitry “David” Zaikin, Morris L. Reid and John Moreira, but she avoided to answer to other questions from our request. She preferred to hide the informations representing public interest and to attack us brutally, for the simple reason that we action professionally, operating an investigation which is very uncomfortable for her person.
We understand the desperate reaction of Maia Sandu and her furious attacks at Zeppelin Investigations team and also the silence and the absence of any reaction from other figurants of the investigation that we requested. In what follows we will uncover and we will show what they desperately try to hide.

Collaborating with Platon and with the laundered money, with the permission from Maia Sandu, Zaikin hires Noel Boxer (check the upper files), as Maia Sandu's presidential campaign counselor from 2016. Platon finances Boxer's travels and presence in Chisinau, and also pays him 12 thousand USD a month, negotiated by Zaikin. He recommends Platon Boxer as a “good investment”, since his market value was 50 thousand USD a month”.


– Slava, we have to buy the lad a ticket to Moldova. He'll stay in Chisinau till the elections and work for Maia. She agreed. His name is Joel Boxer. He has already taken part in 20 elections. We need a flat for him and someone to drive him to work. He will receive 12000 a month, that's free. We've just convinced him to help Maia.    
- He has just finished his job in Latin America, he'll arrive in Moldova on Tuesday.
- Okay, let's do it.
- He have a badass guy over here. He is very charming.
- She will do anything he'll suggest her. He graduated at Harvard too.
- Almost of his own kin.
- These lads are worth 50000 a month. He knows how to do everything both attacking and defending.
- In case of victory, we will hand the bill.
- Ticket for Joel Boxer? Do I have to get it and send the invoice?
- yes


The consultant Noel Boxer stayed in Chisinau during the whole period of the presidential elections from July 2016, till the second round, in November 2016. Mathematically speaking, only his stipend, without logistic expenses, negotiated by Zaikin, was 60 thousand USD worth. It must be highlighted the fact that the electoral competitor Maia Sandu has under no form declared these expenses to CEC, according to the electoral law.



Moreover, on 15th of July 2016, Dimitri “David” Zaikin brags to Platon that ”the mission of the observers of the presidential elections from the Republic of Moldova will be conduced by his friend, who is vice-president of the APCE”.

Zaikin brags to Platon that “he has lobbed through lord Astor of Hever, discussions from the House of the Lords from the UK, in which he intentionally accuses Plahotniuc, in order to exonerate Platon from the thefts from the Moldovan banking system, a fact he reports to Platon”.


Send this: “The House of Lords is Looking into Plahotniuc and IMF founds Embezzlement.”
“Lords Ask Questions about Stolen IMF Founds, Plahotniuc.”
Let him translate. And this:
))))) I'm  rolling on the floor for laughing. I wish I could see the “pahish's” face.


Immediately, Platon sends the information to Topa, so it could be printed on press under his control.


Tsopa: - No problem. It's important for  «Plaha» not to realize that this is just a show.
Platon: - Unfortunately, this is already really serious.
Send this: “The House of Lords is Looking into Plahotniuc and IMF founds Embezzlement.”
“Lords Ask Questions about Stolen IMF Founds, Plahotniuc.”


On the 17th of July 2016, Zaikin reports to Platon that according to the plan of action on which they agreed “he prepared an interview with Maia Sandu to the Forbes magazine”.


Zaikin - If he takes a step forward. Among the people hating V.P.
Platon - I hope everyone lives there on fear.
Ziakin - I've finished her interview for Forbes. Basically this is her election program.


Again, it looks like Maia Sandu had no role in that material domain of the press, if not the one of using her name for her to come up, since the text had been requested, but also checked by Zaikin along with Platon.

Beyond the political field, in the PR and mass-media domain the collaboration between Platon and Zaikin give even better results.

 On the 4th of July 2016 Platon gives at Zaikin's disposal the ex-director of the anti laundering service from the NAC of Moldova Mihail Gofman, being under his influence:


– Give me Gofman's  Skype, please.
- He will call you in the morning.
- Okay. Do you have his CV?
- No. But he will write it.


Zaikin organizes Gofman's trip to the USA, financed by Platon. During that trip, Zaikin arranges a press-conference with Gofman's participation at the NGO Heritage Foundation headquarters. According to the plan with Zaikin, Gofman had to exonerate Platon and accuse Vlad Plahotniuc of the organization of the banking frauds from the Republic of Moldova.

The conference had been moderated by the NGO member hired by Zaikin, Luke Coffey.



Veaceslav Platon had also actively involved Victor Topa in the organization and broadcasting of the event:



According to the agreement between Topa and Platon, Jurnal TV, the  TV channel owned by Topa in Chisinau, sent to the USA in order to participate at the event organized by Zaikin  the journalist  Dumitru Mishin

The event had been completely sponsored by Platon, and esteemed by Zaikin worth 70 thousand dollars as the bill had been given to Platon (check the PDF).


- Invoice: Lawyer  35, Heritage 20, Ariel 5, Misha's (Gofman) ticket and hotel (there are all the receipts- 6500). To Heritage – food / car/ hotel/ translator for 2  days and for MG (Mihail Gofman) 3500. Total of  70 USD.
- I have bad connection, I'll call you later.


Also Zaikin is the one who composes with Platon the letter of the director of the private company Frontier Solutions John Sandweg (check the file) towards the Moldovan prosecutors, in which lies by telling that Gofman was not on a private trip in the USA, organized by Zaikin and sponsored by Platon, but he “is confessing in front of the American institutions as witness”. Sandweg signs also the request towards the general prosecutor of Ukraine, to cancel Platon's extradition in Republic of Moldova, after his arrest.


- Wait with the letter. Till Monday evening!
- Okay.


Dmitri “David” Zaikin also organizes the interview via Skype with Gofman by Natalia Morari. Veaceslav Platon put Zaikin and Morari in contact with each other:


– Gofman, interview with Natalia Morari 10.30 US local time.


Finally, Mihail Gofman started to get out of Platon's control, telling Victor Topa on the 24th of July 2016 that Gofman did not resist and provided materials to the website Agora


- http://agora.md/stiri/21010.
- We also publish today. If Agora did this, we will do it too.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- It looks like Gofman could not resist.


During the whole communication period, Zaikin coordinates with Platon all his actions and reports him of every step to the accomplishment. The two thought that the texts of the requested publications on the American press to be seen and personally approved by Platon before the publication. The latter one comes often as a boss, with modifications, proposals on the content of the materials, which are unconditionally accepted by Zaikin.

 At a moment Zaikin crawls to Platon, that the raider” would be a good minister of propaganda when Maia Sandu would win the elections” And Maia Sandu is ironically called “Clara”, most probably because a comparison with the well-known character Clara Zetkin.


- Presentation in the Heritage Found: Mihail Gofman First story, CV, no more than 3 minutes. Anything else?
- Would it be better if we spoke about a criminal organization that gained the power in the country and are robbing it's population?
- Nice attacking strategy. I like it.
- As well that the Western democracy is firmly keeping their high incompatibility principles with people in charge now in Chisinau
- Boss, you should be a painter!
- People believe in the honesty and justice of the European lifestyle and they are let down as long as the prosecutor roams around with the criminal. It is even a greater outrage ,when the both American and European taxpayers pay tributes to this criminal organization, in order to defend the country from the Russians. The criminals from Chisinau managed to force western countries not only to close the eyes on their illegal things they do, but also to be paid for their loyalty.
- Damn, you should be the Minister of propaganda when Maia would win.


Platon also gives press institutions from Chisinau at Zaikin's disposal, which were about to take the requested material from the international press and publish them on the Moldovan press. Platon tells Zaikin that to the plan of action will also take part Jurnal TV, which belongs to Victor and Viorel Topa and TV/ ( TV8 at the moment), which “belongs to his friends” and PRO TV:

- Is there any talk-show? Or a program like “Shuster”?
- There's Jurnal TV which belongs to Topa and TV7 belonging to my friends, there we may have any kind of broadcast. PRO TV: telephone number: ­ +373 22 21-36-45; Fax: ­ +373 22 21-36-42, Petru Maior 7, Chisinau, R. of Moldova E-mail: office@protv.md 
TV7: office@amg.md Tel: ­ +373 22-49-87-70; ­ +373 22 49-87-71


On the 29th of June 2016 Zaikin sends Platon the project of the requested article which will appear on “The Hill”.

After the material had been approved by Platon, after a few days, on the 3rd of July, this appears on the web page: https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/foreign-policy/286262-moldovas-tywin-lannister.


This is the article which is going to be published. Let me send you the link. Translate it for yourself via Google translate.
Moldavian’s Tywin Lannister, Theodore Karasik.
If your friend from Kiev has money, we may broadcast on TV: Fox, CNBC, CNN, OAN, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera. They pay is based on the subject. The same with the newspapers.


And after one day more, on the 4th of July this is published already by the press from Republic of Moldova, a fact that makes Zaikin brag about his skills:


Who is the good boy? I'm the good boy.


On the 13th of July, Zaikin reports to Platon about the published material requested by the already known Luke Coffey in the publication „Daily Signal”


- All the meeting with him are good, it has to be with the IMF.
- Not with him. With Maia. News? Sasha?


The 14th of July 2016, was a really productive day, when Zaikin reported to Platon two publications appeared on request, on “PRNewswire” and “Washington Times”:


This is in English. Transmit further.


And on 22nd of July 2016, Zaikin sends Platon the project of the upcoming article so the same Luke Coffey could publish it on “The Huffington post”. After the Platon's approval, the material appearse on the web page:

- Will be published on Monday"IMF Caught in Moldova’s Corruption Vortex
In 1904 Sir Halford Mackinder, the father of geo-politics, wrote an article called The Geopolitical Pivot of History oh the Royal Geographical Society in which his first proposed his Heartland Theory. In this theory, he divided the world into three main zones…" Send to be translate. But wait for a sign.
- ok
http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/.html11051150.html Who is the good boy?
- You are the good boy!!!


On the 25th of July 2016, this appears already translated into Romanian on the Moldovan press, on the jurnal.md website: http://www.jurnal.md/ro/politic/2016/7/25/huffington-post-introducerea-sanctiunilor-personale-lui-plahotniuc-unica-metoda-de-recuperare-a-miliardului-oficiali-din-sua-si-din-parlamentul-britanic-cu-ochii-pe-oligarh

Zaikin recommends Platon also the services of the political analyst Ariel Cohen (check the files above) as “the person who may provide paid services of appearances on USA TV and Moldova, in which to denigrate Plahotniuc's image”.


- Tell me what you think about him.


Zaikin tells Platon that he has influence on Ariel Cohen and that he “had been invited by Trump to be part of electoral staff in 2016, however he convinced him not to go”.


- We can attack the “jerk” on Moldovan TV. Or American.
- It would be very good!!!
- Do you like it? Trump proposed  him to join his staff. I convinced Ariel not to do it.


Zaikin coordinates with Platon not only Cohen's apparitions on less popular American TV channels, but also elaborate the direction of these appearances, such as the background on which the analyst has to show up and what he must to say:


- The White House will be his background. He will say that plahish in one day will be stopped by men in suits and bring him with a bag on his head in front of the court of Manhattan.
Yes, I think it would be better.


On the 14th of July 2014, Zaikin suggests Platon that a show of Natalia Morari's with Ariel Cohen had to be organized. Platon likes the idea and organizes the show through Kiril Lucinschi, which he considers the “master of the journalist”, at that time owner of TV8, also him involved in the banking fraud, and with criminal records from the Moldovan prosecutors against him for the banking system robbery.

On the 17th of June 2016, in Zaikin's plans there are some changes occurring , he proposes to organize Natalia Morari's show not with Ariel Cohen, but wit Luke Coffey, member of the Heritage Foundation who also moderated Mihail Gofman's press-conference in the USA. Moreover, Zaikin comes back to the initial plan. The show had been confirmed by Natalia Morari:


- Can you talk to Natalia so she would invite Ariel to the TV programme?
- Yesterday I talked to her boss and he will give us an answer today.
- The Topas have taken the article, but erased the part concerning Maia. «Morons». Ariel, good morning! A cause of force majeure has turned up. As reaction from the letter from yesterday, there have been searches in three banks and one of the owners, ex partner of P., has been labeled to an international manhunt. Since many suspect that he is linked to what has happened in the USA, it would be better if we made the show next Monday. I understand that I messed up your plans, but the show today may blow up everything. Call me when you wake up. This is Natasha. It's bad.


On the 16th of June 2016, Dmitri “David” Zaikin, with the employee form the private company “Mercury LL” Morris L. Reid, meets Veaceslav Platon, for reporting and coordination of further actions. The meeting takes place at the “Metropol” hotel from Munich, where Zaikin and Reid were coming right from Chisinau, after the meeting with Maia Sandu:



On 20th of July 2016, after Platon had been declared an internationally wanted person by the Moldovan prosecutors, Zaikin coordinated with his lawyer from the USA an address prepared by Platon's lawyers to Interpol, in order to make Platon avoid detention and arrest:


– We have already prepared the request for the Interpol .
- In English?
- Yes
- Give it to our lawyer in Washington to read it.
- Ok
- He's already talking to people.


On the 21st of July 2016, Zaikin tells Platon that Morris L. Reid agreed with Victor Topa on a meeting with him and his god-brother, the politician Andrei Nastase, to which he would also participate.

While preparing him for the meeting, Platon recommends Topa and Nastase since being “full of hate towards Plahotniuc, only that lately Andrei started to be afraid, during a protest in front of Plahotniuc's headquarters in Chisinau, Nastase was not courageous enough to allow the men to devastate the building”. At the same time Victor Topa confirms the meeting in the chats with Platon:


- Slava, hello. Assure me the meeting on Sunday 100%. 
– Morris calls Victor. They agreed on 12-18:00  on Sunday in Frankfurt.


The meeting had taken place in the German town of  Frankfurt, on the 24th of July 2016. Immediately after the meeting, Zaikin writes to Platon that the meeting was a great one and that “Victor's eyes were shining of happiness, and now maybe has bought the most expensive bottle of wine and is drinking it with Andrei”:


– How should we talk to Nastase? What's important to him?
- For them the most important thing is to take down “Plaha”. He hates him very much. However lately, Andrey began to have fear.
- Same, don't we discuss with them your expenses? We say it is a substantial sum ,but is it enough? In Frankfurt. I will call you in 15 minutes. For now you can call Victor. I think he has bought a very expensive bottle of wine and is drinking it with Andrei. His eyes were shining while we waved at each other. Ariel on Monday will be on Natasha's show.


On the 23rd of July 2016, after hiding for a few days in the Transnistrian area, Veaceslav Platon travels to Kiev:


- Is everything alright?
- Right now I'm coming from Transnistria. WhatsApp is not available there.
- I was getting worried. I will call you in 15 minutes.
- I am on the road, in 30 minutes I'll have phone connection.


On the 25th of July, just a few hours before Platon's detention in Kiev, Zaikin is outraged that Natalia Morari had renounced to organize the show with Ariel Cohen, sending the text from the journalist to Platon, in which she suggested the cancellation of the show and put off for the following week, “because of the searches taking place in Chisinau in the Platon record”.

Those last messages were left unread by Platon, whom the Ukrainian security service put handcuffs, further he had been extradited to Chisinau.

However, the stolen and laundered money by him are still free, but also the action plan approved by Dmitri “David” Zaikin. Shortly afterwards, Dmitri “David “ Zaikin from the SSR Ukraine would have been followed by Liudmila Kozlowska also born in the SSR Ukriane president of the foundation based in Poland Open Dialog. Kozlowska's duty was to double in the EU the efforts made by Zaikin over the ocean, both basically getting paid the same sum, from the same source, Russian Laundromat and the Billionmat from Chisinău

In a few months, in November 2016, the Moldovans had been called to vote, in order to choose their president. They had to choose between the pro-Russia politician Igor Dodon, beneficiary from the laundered money from the  Russian Federation, members of the Russian special services and the politician Maia Sandu, with pro-Western declared ideas, however beneficiary of the laundered money from the same source as Igor Dodon, the same from the members of the Russian special services.

Only now, after 2 years, thanks to the Veaceslav Platon's iPhone, we understand all the deal in those elections we attended in 2016. Russian puppet A, or Russian puppet B? That's a proper choice!


To be continued...



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