Macht ist in Wahrheit!

17 october 2017

Macht ist in Wahrheit!

Renato Usatîi's last hope: Michael Schmidt and Bernd Fabritius

„We will see how the situation will develop next year, in this context, we will watch over Renato Usatîi's case, in order to understand if there really was any abuse over the system in his case", Bernd Fabritius declared in April 2017, in the PACE special reports for Interpol. His declaration was heavily based on Usatîi's blog and pro-Russian portal from Chisinau "Omega", that belonged to Aleksandr Petkov, a close associate of Usatîi and Our Party. Fabritius is both a deputy and a member of the Committee on the Affairs of the European Union, as well as the one responsible for Ukraine and Republic of Moldova in the context of legislation prioritized by Bundestag.

The above declaration, made by an European deputy, defending a person working in Russia's interest and member of Moscow secret services, is the key to understanding the unknown and secret political relations, hidden from the eye of the citizens, who vote for Europe's representatives.

Bernd Fabritius, (wiki) was born in Agnita, Sibiu County, Romania, and is a Transylvanian Saxon. He finished lyceum in Sibiu and in 1984 moved with his parents to Bavaria, where resided his  grandfather after being deported from Romania by Soviet Union. In 2007 Fabritius was a candidate from Christian Social Union of Bavaria and managed to become member of Bundestag.

Bernd Fabritius shocked the public opinion on several occasions, in 2014 he was chosen as President of Federation of Expellees,  a non-profit organization formed in 1957 to represent the interests of German nationals of all ethnicities and foreign ethnic Germans who were forcibly expelled following World War II, and their families. This organization has a controversy image in multiple European countries. In Poland, for example, it being associated with Neo-Nazism.

Bernd Fabritius has repeatedly scandalized public opinion after admitting that despite being chosen as deputy in the Christian Social Union, he lives in a civil union with his partner, not hiding his homosexuality, a direct breach in the orthodox believes.

The controversy and interest toward Bernd Fabritius does not ends here. On February 16 2015, two years before Strasbourg declaration, made in Renato Usatîi's favor, in the middle of the conflict between Russia and European Union, which resulted in sanctions. Bernd Fabritius has visited Moscow, where the fugitive supposedly is hidden from Interpol by Russian Secret Services. In February 2015, when Usatîi was only gaining strneght with his pro- Russian policy in Chisinau, Fabritius participated at the "50 Years of Civic Movement of Russian Germans: Results and prospects" International Conference, where some of the topics were presented by Vladimir Putin and director of The Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Zorin. According to them "the ethno-cultural autonomy of Russian Germans proves that Russia has an active and trustworthy partner".

Only a few days after his visit to Moscow, on February 25 2015, Fabritius organized in Berlin, at Bundestag, a presentation by Open Dialogue Foundation, regarding "The necessity to reform the Interpol". More information regarding the organization can be found here, as well as the confusion regarding its activity allows us to understand why information of this event was posted on Kazakhstan oligarch's, Mukhtar Ablyazov, web page, who was arrested in France in July 2013, after hiding from Interpol in Great Britain and was internationally wanted by Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia. Bernd Fabritius's event, was nothing but a lobby for the oligarch wanted by Interpol, sponsored by Mukhtar Ablyazov through his foundation.

This is only the start of their collaboration. On December 9 2016, after an intense lobby by the oligarch's foundation, the French Council of State annulled the extradition decree signed by Prime Minister from Paris. Still, the rich businessman was still wanted by Interpol, in "Red Notice". The German Deputy has taken over Ablyazov's foundations reports from Bundestag and in two years, on March 7 2017, presented it to PACE , as a special report for Interpol's system. The report has one whole chapter consecrated to Ablyazov, sent to his foundation, Open Dialog:

After presenting it to PACE, on April 26 2017, Ablyazov's foundation and Bernd Fabritius holds a seminar at Strasbourg to contemplate on it. It was also the event, where Fabritius has made a declaration regarding Usatîi's case. A thing which attracts attention are the sponsors, mentioned on the invitation" "PACE commission on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Bernd Fabritius and Open Dialog foundation", linking it to Mukhtar Ablyazov. The lobby brought results, a few weeks later, the Interpol obliged demands from oligarch's attorneys and he was taken off the Interpol's wanted persons list.

Bernd Fabritius strange activity doesn't ends here. He recently created, presented and promoted PACE resolution, nr.2188/2017, criticizing Romania, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey. The resolution largely concentrates on Russian Propaganda, which brought great displeasure from Poland and become the perfect and suspicious way, along with Ablyazov's foundation activity, to attack geopolitical enemies of Russia.

Just like in the oligarch's foundation case, Bernd Fabritius's activity can be perfectly explained.  Just like his interest for Romania, Poland and Republic of Moldova. As well as his actions taken to defend members of Moscow Secret Services and Russian criminal groups Solntsevskaia Bratva, Renato Usatîi, sought by Interpol under "Red Notice", suspected for organizing the assassination attempt upon Gherman Gorbunţov, which took place in March 2012 in London. It also has to be mentioned that Renato Usatîi is currently hiding in Moscow under the protection of Kremlin and Russian Secret Services. Bernd Fabritius is also the president of Siebenbürger Sachsen foundation, sponsored by Michael Schmidt.


Bernd Fabritius is also a good friend of Michael Schmidt (you can see them both in the above picture taken in Bundetsag). Millionare Schmidt is the owner of the official BMW distributor in Romania and a permanent sponsor of Fabritius, who is also member of the board of directors of Michael Schmidt foundation. It's president being Michael Schmidt, and vice- president Veronica Schmidt, his wife and Renato Usatîi's sister...

Now it makes more sense, how and from where confidential information of Interpol leaked to Renato Usatîi and FSB, no? Can you see how Moscow gains pictures from Interpol sessions, classified data from Interpol's system etc. ? I believe that I do. Bernd Fabritius's special report for Interpol ignores the integrity norms and conflicts of interests that he must respect, as representative of Bundestag, PACE and Federation of Expellees, norms that he promotes himself as author of Eastern Europe resolutions. 

Yet by breaching those resolutions and law, after oligarch Ablyazov, his friend and sponsor's brother-in-law Renato Usatîi must be saved from Interpol's "Red Notice". No matter what! Because Michael Schmidt and Bernd Fabritius are Renato Usatîi's last hope. Practice beats talent. But do money beat law, Mr Fabritius? Or your sponsor's money? What about the oligarch's stolen money from Ukraine and Kazakhstan? Or Kremlin's and Russian Mafia's money? Macht ist in Wahrheit! Ja ja.

@Veaceslav Balacci.