Assassin in Law. *ERRATA.

11 september 2017

Assassin in Law. *ERRATA. Assassin in Law. *ERRATA.

A chain of murderers protected by the secret services and influential persons from the Russian Federation, involved in the Russian Laundromat, are doing their best to wipe out the traces left by the bullets of one of the most misfortunate killer form the history of humanity. Even if they managed to launch the investigation file from London on false tracks, including with the help of investigation media and specific maneuvers worth of becoming titles for detective movies, they did enough mistakes to be taxed. After more than 5 years from the first murder, our team entered into the possession of the whole scenario set up with cold blood. A scenario where the life of a person doesn`t have any value, and those who swallow millions spit bullets towards any competitor trying to grab their piece.

Gherman Gorbuntov. Black banker.

In 2008, after a number of scandals with a criminal organization authorized at the Russian Railways, who was sending huge amount of money to the president Putin on the accounts in Panama Papers, Gherman Gorbuntov, the banker who took part in considerable number of schemes leading to the robbery from an association millions of dollars, ran to Moldova. Leaving behind him an 800 million dollars debt, money laundered by him for those from the Russian Railways, Gorbuntov tried to start everything from zero, to begin a new business in the Republic of Moldova, which is on the border with the European Union.

UniversalBank– his new project attracted the attention of the local criminal elite who felt the smell of money, necessary for their common business – Commercial Centre ELAT. Having the needed communication skills with this type of persons, Gherman Gorbuntov promised them financial involvement in their project. In exchange he asked for protection in this new country, of whose citizen he becomes overnight.

The Russian managed to obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova with the help of Leonid Volneanschii, the man with the most shares from ELAT -  who was also a friend of the president Voronin. To obtain the passport of a country with European aspirations, yet governed by communists, Gherman Gorbuntov beguiled the authorities from Chisinau by taking part, financially, in the reconstruction of churches and monasteries, activity which immensely pleased president Voronin, during his last years of leadership.

Regarding Gherman Gorbuntov I learned plenty from Renato Usatii, his arch enemy. He was the one supplying the local media with news about Gorbuntov. The mail of Usatii, to which I gained access, shows that he was paying a lot of money to defame Gorbuntov. Usatii himself coordinated the publishing of defaming news through some individuals known in the yellow press. (Photo here)

April 2009 diminishes the position of Gorbuntov. His friend Volenanschii didn`t have enough power because Voronin resigned from leadership, due to the street manifestations. The era of pro-EU integration begun. Criminals from Chisinau felt the changes on their own skins. Gorbuntov`s business became a matter of interest for the biggest and most influential criminal organization of “Thiefs in Law” from the Former Soviet Union -  “Solntevskaya Bratva”, contracted by the group Russian Railways in order to take over the Bank. They already had a direct access to the office of the prime minster Vlad Filat, through Renato Usatii, whom they decided to send to Chisinau, where his old passion for poker games, strongly tied his past to Moldovan criminals. Renato, Pisateli, Cliford, Soltoianu, Volneanschi, together were sitting at the green table losing to each other huge amounts of money. Information possessed by the police (Photo here) from long time ago shows the strong ties between them. Video Volneanschi here.


Running away from Moldova, back to Moscow, to return a debt of 200 thousands dollars, lost to the same people who he used to play poker with, Renato returns to his former creditors, this time with money. With more money than his debt and with a mission promising profit to the poker team from ELAT. Members from Russian Railways and Solntevscaia blessed Renato Usatii, sending to the criminals from Chisinau signals that Usatii became the head, responsible to solve the debit, credit and the retrieval of those 300 million of Gorbuntov`s debt. 500 million were taken by that time trough blackmailing and raider attacks in Moscow. Now the Moldovan criminal organization had things to do as well. Without their help, Gherman`s Bank was an impregnable fortress. The news that Renato came to take over Gorbuntov`s bank became known among criminals, especially, due to the information from “the blatnie” – title used by high rank criminals – allowed it to circulate much more faster than the notices in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. That is the reason why, at a certain moment, one of the leaders of the criminal world from Chisinau, Lioha Bucatari, left this game of millions, called Usatii and tried to convince him that Gorbuntov mustn't be bothered, because he owned a debt to one of his friends. However, Renato contradicted him. Money owned by Gorbuntov, to Renato's benefactors are thousands of times bigger. Audio here.

The process had been launched, and only after 10 days from the conversation with Bucatari, who tried to obtain the attention of Gorbuntov, in the center of Chisinau was killed Gorbuntov's head of the bodyguards, who held shares at UniversalBank and ELAT – Ion Stratulat, son in law of general Alexei. The murder is not connected in the mass media with Gorbuntov`s business, the author of the murder is Ion Soltoianu, a trustee person of Leonid Volneanschii, host of the poker games known in the underworld as „shodneak”. news here.

Within a day after the murder of Stratulat, Gorbuntov ran away. Volneanschii helped him disappear in Israel, keeping Renato informed regarding all his movements. Usatii himself recognized it during a discussion in 2013 with RISE reporter, Mihai Munteanu, the one who helped him several times to lead the investigation on false tracks. Video here.

Ghera`s runaway.

Mathematics of those from Russian Railways were showing that Gorbuntov had to pay 300 millions for his safety. Another 500 millions by that time were already regained by the people from Moscow. From the empire he built, the Russian Railways, Gorbuntov had but debts in the Russian Federation. Everything was taken from him. Even the project of a house, which the Russian mafia gave to Usatii as a commission for his operation of debts liquidation. The house, located in a highly expensive residential area in Moscow`s suburb, together with the project for the further construction was taken by Renato Usatii. Usatii`s mail has, till present, testimony about the transactions. Photo aici.

In Moldova things were the same. On 2 September 2011, half of a month before Gherman ran away, Renato Usatii held a press conference where he informed the public that he became the new representative of the bank's interests. He already had in his pocket the badge of a counselor of prime minister, (video here)

and his umbrella. Falesteanul Eduard Banaruc, deputy secretary of the Government, is the one who opened for him the door in the cabinet of the prime minister for 10 thousand dollars. After a number of promises made by Usatii, Filat accepts him on board.

Yet a counselor badge and special coupons did not grant Usatii enough oratorical skills. Having his teeth in the process of rehabilitation, during the press conference, Usatii came with severe accusations on the name of Gorbuntov, blaming him for million dollars money laundering on a daily basis. (video here)

It total chaos, when in fact, he used the distraction to take over the bank through a raider attack.

Gherman couldn`t do anything. He once again lost everything,only this time, in Moldova. Russian mafia were smart by keeping Usatii in Chisinau. However, they did a mistake believing that the bank will fill their accounts the much expected millions. Renato managed to steal from an emptying bank. It was unknown how much time would Gorbuntov be in Moldova, though it is certain that the murder of Stratulat became the perfect chance for him. He needed to make up a story in London to gain protective custody. Gherman`s story proved to be real. Without managing to reach the capital city of Great Britain, Renato Usatii knew already the place where he was. He himself mentioned that thing in a discussion with Gorbuntov on Skype. A discussion which was made known to the media by Volneanschi. Video here.

While being in London, Gherman got in touch with the only acquaintance who could have helped him. Alexandr Antonov – an old business partner of Gorbuntov, together with whom he did money laundering from the railways. Antonov offered him a shelter in his office and rented an apartment. From London, Gorbuntov carried on the war against the big representatives from the Russian Railways, Userovici, Mendeleev, Averin. Continuing to do what he did while in Moldova, Gorbuntov sent, almost daily, letters and complaints to the addresses of the law enforcement authorities from the Russian Federation, where he told them how the Russian mafia for who he worked till recent, stole everything from him by now. This fact drove crazy the benefactors of Usatii from Moscow. Audio here.

In Moscow it became clear that the money from Gorbuntov couldn't be retrieved. On the other hand, he was causing them problems by sending daily complaints to the law enforcement authorities. Shareholders of the Russian Railways decide to silence Gherman forever. Without too much debate, Renato understood what he had to do. He took ownership over the project Gorbuntov and now he had to end it. New mission -  Ghera had to disappear. Responsible for this became millionaire from Falesti.


Poker playing criminal group from the Commercial Centre ELAT have interfered this time. Clifford and Pisateli, two famous businessmen, accepted to take commands from Renato Usatii, especially, when they refused the first time around. They also had the needed people to perform the command.

Taking the command, Pisateli, a famous criminal authority, member of a criminal group “Patron”, made up a plan up till the last details. It was very serious command. He planed days ahead how he would realize the command of Renato Usatii and his friends from the Russian Railways. Information regarding the fact that Gherman Gorbuntov visited the office of Antonov became of great help for him. On 3 March 2012, he sent Vitalie Proca to London, where he was to be met by Halupa Valeriu, wedding godson of Pisateli.

Proca arrived to London through Milano with a Romanian passport on the name of Dospin Aureliu. He stayed at Wembley Hotel till 11th March, during that time he often talked through phone with Halupa Valeriu. Through the correspondence between Vitalie Proca and Halupa Ion, the London Police establisheed the fact that the two met daily, their telephones were in close vicinity, and near the office where Gorbuntov worked.

*excerpts from the information of British and Romanian police here:

Together with Halupa, Ion Druță's godson, known as Pisateli, Proca started analyzing each movement of Gherman Gorbunțov, up to the time it required him to get from Antonov's office to his rented apartment. An address provided to them by Usatîi. Information revealed by Pisateli himself. Audio here.

The preparation time has started dragging out, taking more time than they have expected. Therefore in order to avoid anymore living expenses at 11th of March 2012, Dospin, known as Proca, left Wembley and decided to start living at an apartment rented by two Lithuanians. 

Finally after being pressured by their clients, the assassin and his partner decided to act. Therefore on 20th March 2012, after Gherman Gorbunțov left his office, Proca expecting him near the apartment block received a call, a signal from Valeriu Halupa that the target was approaching the house. After a texi stopped in front of the block, Gorbunțov exited it and went in, Proca followed and performed 7 shots. The big amount of stress made Proca forget to check if the target was still alive, as he threw away the gun and fled to the tube. Video here

The news about the attempted murder on Gorbunțov spread like wildfire. Yet in place of hearing that Ghera was dead, those from Russian Railways saw on the news channel that despite having 6 bullets in himself, the man survived. The group started hoping that Ghera never recovers from his coma and they had all the reasons to, as he was in critical condition. The processes of debt liquidation continues, only this time they are not worries anymore.


A few month later Gorbuntov woke up. Authorities from London, not knowing his other connections blamed Antonov for what happened. Scotland Yard believed that Antonov, was his only known associate in London. He was also the one that rented an apartment for Gherman Gorbunțov. There was no way for them to know that the attempt was actually made by Pisateli, ordered by Usatîi.  Gorbunțov knew though that Antonov was innocent. Despite authorities from London trying to convince Gorbunțov that the attempt was made by his associate, he never let himself be convinced and pointed toward Russian Railways. Both Gorbunțov and Antonov knew who was behind the attempt from 2009 and tried to frame Antonov.

Alexandr Antonov's son realizes from the start that the true criminals were those from Russian Railsways. On one of his WhatsApp chats he blamed Mendeleev, Ușerovici and Markelov for the attempted murder.

Short time after Gorbuntov rehabilitates, he publisheed the registration of some discussions with Renato Usatii on Skype. From there it is clear that not only Antonov, but also Usatii knew about the place where Gherman was and were haunting him. Video here

Usatii understood that the Gorbuntov project was getting out of control. Being pressured by both the Moscow`s side and the prime minister Vlad Filat, who didn't want his name blackened, Usatii came to terms. Beforehand establishing the number of questions with Pavel Paduraru from Timpul newspaper, Usatii offered a video interview for the newsmagazine form Chisinau.

Renato claimed  that he had nothing to do with the attempted murder of Gherman Gorbuntov and the people responsible should be looked for in another place. Also, in order to save Filat's name from being dragged through the mud, he denied being the officials counselor. Video here

Although by the end of 2011, the mafia from the Russian Railways asked Usatii to calm things down by getting rid of Gorbuntov, in the middle of 2012, the planning had begun. People from the Russian Railways, thought everything through this time. What should have happened after the murder of Gherman Gorbuntov, became plan B after his revival, and that was Antonov.


8 months later, in November 2012, another attempted murder shocked Bucharest. Its author is the same one as in London. Vitalie Proca acted the same way. The sole difference, was that Pisateli didn`t provide him with a false passport. Proca entered Romania with his own identity. He was taken to Romania by the car of Robert Garleanu -  another member of Patron team. Established in the hierarchy of the group after Pisateli. Garleanu took part in a triple murder bak in 2009, also Druta was blamed for taking part in it.

With only 2 hours after Proca, Pisateli entered Romania. Exactly as in London, the Moldovan murderers did almost two weeks of surveillance in the Vitan neighborhood. They left too many traces. The video cameras placed where the murder took place showed them daily in their car, an Audi A6. Photo here

Even if Proca was following Dumitru Puiu Mironescu for 10 days, on 26 November 2012, Proca shot Razvan Isaila, another person. Proca`s confusion could be understood. Because both Puiu Mironescu and Razvan Isaila  aside from living in the same neighborhood, were also driving the same model of cars, with the same color. Even the license plates looked very much alike. Only that one car had a serial number MYR and the other one MIR. This letter Y, got Proca, the son of a pharmacist from Pitusca, into touble. Photo here

In order to make the attempted murder to resemble the one from London, after firing from Kalashnikov he shot several times from a pistol made Makarov in the direction of Isaila, the victim remaining alive. The universally acknowledged title of "The least fortunate killer" is well deserved given to Proca.

Being certain that the victim was dead, Vitalie Proca went to play poke in a casinos from Bucharest. He played till he spent all his money. In the second day he left Bucharest for Iasi, borrowing money from the person who rented him the apartment. For an exchange, he left his car with Bulgarian license plates, for same, which he received for the operation from the commanders – Mararu brothers.

In Iasi he was awaited by the brother of Ion Druta, Gheorghe, who made a booking for him in a hotel and gave him a new car, Mercedes ML. Having no remorse for his actions, and the things he did, he called his spouse Tatevic Gasparean together with the child they conceived while being imprisoned in Moldova, to come in visit, and for two days, went shopping in the Malls from Iasi. After shopping was done, they disappear from Romania through the Moldovan transparent border.


After the criminal escapade from Romania, Proca didn't returned to Moldova for a long time, because already on 4 December, Romanian authorities sent to the INTERPOL the DNA code collected from the place of scene – biological traces left on the weapon and the towel used by the killer when he attempted to clean his fingerprints from the weapon. The killer had a Soviet formation and only while being imprisoned for his first murder, did he understood how far away were the modern technologies by that time. He was sent for 12 years in prison, to the penitentiary institution from Rezina, he did not know at the time that not only fingerprints, but also the greasiness from the fingers carry his microscopic DNA features. He left them without knowing, a real treasure for the forensic experts – a towel with his genetic information. That was goldmine for the Romanian policemen. After being introduced in the INTERPOL database, the DNA code became a real surprise. The genetic profile of the criminal from Vitan neighborhood resembled the one of the attacker from London.

At the time, the authorities didn't know the name of the person, but they knew that both in London and in Bucharest the gun was fired by the same criminal. The name was known by the organizers and the commanders of the murder. Renato Usatii decides to hide it. He organized his escape to Moscow, through Verona. The killer planned to lose his traces in Russia. The place where Renato Usatii had a huge influence. A better place to hide the killer could not be found, aside from the place familiar to the commander of the murder.

From Pisateli it became clear that he was scared for Proca`s life, he asked Renato for guarantees that he won’t be killed in Moscow. Renato accepted the conditions. Video here.

On 22 December 2012, Usatii stayed together with the killer in the same city. Being confident that nobody would cause him troubles, Renato bought tickets for a well-deserved holiday in Marbella, Spain, after the London stress, house constructions, legalization of the property received from Ghera, and the dentist treatment. 2012 was complex year for Renato, yet, 2013 was going to be an even more complicated one.

The news arriving from Chisinau where Renato had trusted policemen to whom he payed salary together with the ministers from the Minister Cabinet who obeyed Filat, were not at all cheerful. Romanians identified the name of the killer. Vitalie Proca. For Renato, the news from Chisinau became akin to a sentence. He understood that Proca had to be isolated. However, even after being isolated he could still cause problems. The decision at the time was that he had to gain his trust. He told him that on 18 January he will be announced in international search by INTERPOL and that he had one day left to say goodbye to Moldova. On 17 January Proca flew to Chisinau, took his children, his brother-in-law David Davitean and in 4 hours he was already resting in his chair in the aircraft taking off to Moscow. Within several hours, the picture of Proca appeared in the database of INTERPOL. Proca now trusted his commander, Renato Usatii, more than ever.   

The decision to gain trust didn't became a waste. Usatii needed time to understand what he had to do with the killer further on. He didn`t believe that the Romanians would identify him that soon, therefore he was rebuilding his plan on the go.

The solution was found quickly. Proca was arrested at a metro station in Moscow on 6 February Video here

Now the commander had in Russia an arrested killer, whom he had to convince to say that everything was organized under the command of Alexandr Antonov. Therefore, the Russians could be proud discovering the murder attempt towards the life of Gorbuntov, a Russian citizen residing in London. Aside from the killer, they handcuffed Antonov, another banker who caused trouble at the time, together with Ghera. Antonov was a perfect catch due to several reasons. On one hand, he tried to take back from the Russian Railways group two banks Video here

In the principle, the Russian Railways group could have succeeded, but there was one small problem, the lawyers of Gherman Gorbuntov. Representatives of the banker got in touch with Proca trying to gain his declarations. The plan of the Russians didn’t succeed. In case Proca would start talking he could easily mention Ion Druta and the criminal group Patron, and his strong connection ties with Renato. Russian Railways group was again in trouble.


Together with the officers of the Russian Federal Service who were offering protection, Usatii decided: in case an extradition request from Romanians was made- the killer was to be handed out. The calculations of the Russians showed that the Romanians would make him accountable for the murder from Vitan, together with the London attempt which would be added to the first one. The scandal with the attempted murder of a Russian banker would be then talked over in Romania, away from Kremlin.

Renato and his friends decided: Proca didn`t have to talk in Moscow, where president Putin didn`t know exactly what was the real business of the group who made money flow to his accounts. Money covered in blood might have not been accepted by him. In the case when the public opinion were to find out about the attempted murder commanded by the people from his environment, that would mean that all the people in the scheme had to be changed. For president Putin it became less important who and more important when and how.

Renato Usatii, who had his sitter in Bucharest, married to an influential figure in the business world, head of the BMW Romania, expressed his willingness to help Romanians with the extradition of Proca. For the first time in the history, Russians were to extradite a person to Romania. It was decided to neglect the secular tradition of diplomatic ignorance. The amount of the damage Vitalie Proca could have brought to their plans. Hence, the killer who attempted to murder a Russian citizen at the command of another Russian citizen was extradited by the Russians to Romania. A judicial non-sense. News here.

Meanwhile the British mass media started to show interest for the subject. Afterwards it was established by Romanian law enforcement authorities that a Moldavian citizen is the author/perpetrator of the attacks, the reporter of The Guardian, Luke Harding, came to Chisinau. As guide, the British reporter took Mihai Munteanu from RISE. Munteanu is English and Romanian speaking journalist who wrote many times about the criminal group Patron, member of whose, was the killer Proca. He was recommende by the OCCRP to the British.

After long discussions of the two journalists with the inhabitants of the origin village of Proca, on 9 of April 2013, the son of the pharmacist from Pitusca village, became a star in an interview signed by the Guardian and OCCRP (link here). Renato Usatii seeing his name in a British press investigation, as well, on 9 of April, sent to the Prosecutor Mosneaga a PDF file regarding the Moldavian border crossing of Alexander ANTONOV. Renato Usatii has done that to escape the fire, in case the British journalists would like to take an interview from Moldavian Prosecutors. Photo here

Silence followed. The interest in Mihai disapear almost for 2 months. The investigation then reopened, due to his secret services sources, who were telling him that a named Usatii was engaged with the extradition of Proca and could offer him breaking news/information. Mihai Munteanu came to Chisinau and negotiated with Usatii aspects of extradition and on making a movie about the attack on Gorbuntov. At the same time, Munteanu had another mission from the secret services  -  dismantling a network on weapon traffic from Transnistria in which the same Pisateli,  leader of Proca was involved. In the game entered the Americans. Even Ion Druta was saying this, here and here.

Pisateli accepted to tell us more about it after we came to him in prison, using the same undercover story that was used previously by the colleagues from RISE. We proposed him a deal. He could not know that we were common journalists and different from the secret services agents, as there was nothing we could offer him. Nevertheless we sent to law enforcement authorities all the records and evidences which we could obtain from him, and even those we haven’t used in the movie, in order not to prejudice the investigation.

Usatii begun once again searching his way out. He started negotiating by blood -  "I will give you the killer and you are making a movie according to my version". Subsequently the extradition and the making of the documentary –artistic movie by RISE became a  strong link.

Mihai, together with his coordinators from Romanian secret services accepted Usatii's conditions. Especially that the story of a character closer to the milliards of the Russian grant RJD promised to be captivating.

Usatii started a real game of spies with Mihai. The journalist let himself get easily involved in the game of Usatii, who was showing him through different traces the way he had to take and guided him through all the investigation. Usatii sent him the same PDF file with Antonov. Gave him the lists of Proca’s conversations from his prison in Moscow and helped him and Romanian police officers to identify each phone number individually. (see photoOne of phone numbers proved to be of Ion Druta. Usatii promised that he will do the impossible to organize a meeting between these two. Video here.

It is confirmed even by Druta: Usatii was the person who convinced him to speak with Mihai Munteanu. Audio here.

The interest of Usatii in the meeting between the journalist and Pisateli was an obvious one. Pistali had to tell Munteanu about a certain individual named OLEG. In the criminal world those who are taking the guilt  of somebody else upon themselves are called Fonari. Oleg became the Fonari who was imposed to declare that he had mediated the attack in London, between Alexandr Antonov and Vitalie Proca. Volneanschi commented very interesting this version video here, but Druta is convinced that this is a make up, see here.

After he convinced Munteanu that Oleg was a real person, Pisateli has transmitted to Mihai a telephone with Oleg’s statements. Not before playing a very well staged show. Video here.

On 28 of June 2013, Pisateli is leaving the country for Ukraine and coming back after 27 minutes.

On 30th of June 2013 in the telephone of Usatii already existed a video with the statements of Oleg. After a very short time as the guilt was attributed to Antonov, and the fake proof that he was the real commanding arrived to RISE, Pisateli became useless -  he was imprisoned and sentenced for murder. Usatii made use of the power given by Filat. News here (*RISE gives news on their site only 3 days after Druta was arrested.)

Pisateli confessed that Renato was the person who paid Oleg to make the movie. Oleg is, in fact, the double identity of the criminal Timoha with whom Usatii negotiated the price for the movie. photo here

Renato sent to Timoha the text that personage with mask should read. Video here

Pisateli says that he accepted all these because a deal was settled. Secrete services with the involvement of Moldavian under the control of Filat, with Mihai Munteanu undercover and Usatii as guarantor, blackmailed Druta. Audio here

Once the operation finished, Antonov-PISATELI-OLEG, Mihai went back to Bucharest. In a year and a half, Moldavians had to watch a movie in which the reporter from RISE is discharging Usatii, showing, more to the investigators in charge with the case, the proofs of Usatii concerning the involvement of other personages and not him in the attack on Gorbuntov.

About what RISE is silent.

Only after a detailed analysis of the so called journalist investigation it becomes clear – RISE didn’t lie to Usatii when claiming that an artistic movie will be made. Video here

The way things are presented in the movie, give off the impression that all video and audio records were made in a period of at least 2 years. But in fact, everything was filmed in less than 10 days. The entries and exits of the journalist with double identity proved it entirely. Foto here

This thing was made to give an impression that it was a really hard work, to obtain the precious information and to make it unclear the the whole story, even proofs, came directly from Renato. It is confirmed even by Usatii, here.

Even the release of the movie in (2014), more than a year after the investigation ended in (2013) spoke about the journalists sincerity. Exactly the same way it is spoken about Gorbuntov, who was contacted by those from RISE only few days before the movie was released in (2014 !!!), in which the story is supposedly described. It meant that Munteanu and his team spoke to the victim in the end, the victim being the one who had the most information about the real reasons on the tentative of murder. In exchange they continued to play spies with Usatii. Video here.

The moment when Zeppelin started to investigate about the attack on Gorbuntov, we knew we would have big suprises. But what shocked us even more was the confessions of Oleg sent to Gorbuntov from RISE in a year and a half from the moment these confessions were already in the box email of Usatii. Photo/Video here

Even if Gorbuntov is seen in the images from November 2014, the email box of Usatii has an email sent to his superviser from FSB dated 9 July 2013. A video with Oleg attached. Achieved on 30 of June 2013.

It is about the filming of the telephone sent supposedly by Oleg through Pisateli to those from RISE. Another interesting detail is that the video was modified on the date of transmission in a such way to make it seem to be done on 9th of July. Nevertheless the metadata erased the legend. At least now when the files came in our hands.

From the summer 2013 till the end of Autumn 2014, in November, after 1 year and 4 months had passed, during which RISE did not blow a word to the victim of the assassination about the good they were doing with a video that Usatii had in his email box long before.

We left the question open about why Usatii wanted to lie to his colleagues from FSB that he received the video later than it really happened in real.

The Russian secret services would have questions to ask Renato, who hid from them his meetings with Mihai till 1st August. Usatii 's information notes became available for other agents and not only to his trustee Sash. For this reason, he feared the FSB wing, which did not like those from RJD, would not suspect him of treason and cooperation with Romanian secret services.

The doubts would have been reasonable and Usatii went to some deals with the Romanian secret services, but this will be discussed in another investigation.

Currently we can only say that – even if he sent data to FSB about Mihai Munteanu, he modified all the file received from Border Police and erased Personal Identification national Number and indicated wrong data concerning the identity of the Romanian spy – as he introduced himself to the Russians. Photo here

These deals, however, conditioned Mihai’s cooperation with the one he knew was lying, but he had to swallow the lies, even if he had clear evidences: USATII IS THE MAN WHO COORDINATED THE ACTIONS OF PISATELI. 

Mihai knews that Usatii is a controversial character and tried to make sure that the blow wouldn't come back to him. Therefore he used an old scheme called BUMERANG. He gave Usatii information to see if the information came back and from whom. By analyzing the information path, you can see who is communicating with a personage or another. So, Mihai Munteanu catches Usatii with one of the simplest schemes. He told him in the summer of 2013 that there were some photos in which Pisateli, the organizer of the London attack, met with Alexandru Pinzari, a head of a MIA directorate. Video here.

Surprise. In the Spring 2014 Pisateli tells to Mihai about the same photos. Audio here.

He could not find out about thosse photos except from Usatii, who, on the facade, declared to be a great enemy of the criminal authority. The boomerang has shown the those two, Pisateli and Usatii, worked hand in hand, while their quarrel was a mere story for RISE.

Because he is a Romanian citizen and the Romanian secret services had a deal with Usatii, Munteanu, went along with a forget story about a deal he himself has with them. Romanian secret services went along with this. At one point he also changed his identity which he used he entered Moldova. It happened at the end of 2013, when Proca’s extradition to Romania took place.

In addition to Proca’s conversations from Moscow's prison, at that time Usatii sent via email to Munteanu personal data of certain Moldavian and Russian citizens. Zeppelin also investigated these aspects of the cooperation between a Russian spy connected to the milking cow of Russia RJD and a representative of the Romanian secret services – a cooperation whose war took place in the Republic of Moldova.

We tried to get in touch with Mihai. He promised to answer us in 15 minutes but he did no pick up the phone. Audio here. He gave signs after 2 days on Facebook where the voice can not betray him  that he feared to answer. Even the obvious advantages of Facebook didn’t make him too receptive. From the first question, Mihai, the tough undercover reporter, stumbled and ran away from answering. Photo here. He knew that a concrete answers would destroy him, because they would prove one thing: he worked hand in hand with Renato. He went with Usatii’s version and introduced it to us in "Assassin in Law".

Mihai’s colleagues confirmed to us that he was afraid that the truth about his investigation could surface and it would cease the investigation.

Subsequently the Moldovan colleagues of Mihai were removed from producing the movie. The simple reason being that the movie contained things which people knowing the realities  of, would not have accepted it. Nevertheless their opinion didn't count much. Video here

What were RISE and Renato Usatii doing between 9th of April till 9th of July 2013. What have they done together during those 3 months? We can only suppose. Basing ourselves on evident things. Either together with Renato they gave life to a story invented by him, or they have been tricked for 3 month by Renato. In the both cases RISE demonstrated strong and high professional qualities.


The quarrel with Filat due to the Airport Chisinau changed the relations between Renato and Mihai Munteanu. Usatîi started having doubts and became afraid that after attacks launched towards Filat, the Romanian secret services, who helped many times the leader of PLDM, will expose Usatii in the RISE movie. He asked for proofs from Romanians which would show that they had good intentions.  Only 3 days before the extradition of Proca to Bucharest, RISE published the investigation „Suporter VIP la Gala Champions League”, after what Mihai received from Usatii, via the same email, all the information. Photo here

In 2014 communication with Usatii was lost. Everybody forgot about the movie RISE was making. They remembered it the moment when Pisateli was declared not guilty in the case of the triple murder from 2000 to which, supposedly, he participated together with  Robert Gîrleanu. According to the information possessed by Zeppelin, if Usatii was the one who imprisoned him, then secret services released him. They needed him. The war in Ukraine was also supplied with weapons from Transnistria. And they needed Pisateli in order to uncover the network.

They convinced him to cooperate by proposing him a deal – "you give us the traffic weapons network  and the smuggling of cigarettes and we are releasing your brothers. You’ll be imprisoned but not sentenced for life in Romania. The proofs we have are enough to destroy you. You choose your future".

Pisateli has choosen the liberty of his brothers. Video here

After he cooperated with Munteanu and gave to the secret service the information they need, Pisateli let himself be caught in Chisinau for a mission – the transmission of a gun  and of a grenade launcher to the reporter from RISE. Judges sent him  to jail for 20 years. Everything was part of the deal. Only after he is imprisoned in quality of guarantee, his brothers were released.

Beside the interests of secret services, the leader of PLDM also needed RISE. Renato Usatii had to be withdrawn from the electoral campaign no matter the price.  Romanian secret services, as well as RISE, understood that the pro-European movement is in danger, they had to deal with Usatii and time was running out for their faithful client  - VLAD FILAT. Not a simple situation for RISE at all. There were three main parties in the movie – Usatii, the secret services and Filat. They had to reconcile and they kept their word.

With a fake new identity, Munteanu came to Chisinau for few days and shoot the stands for the movie they had to quickly stick to. Even if they had the document regarding the entry of Antonov in Moldova before receiving the video from Pisateli, that is on 3 of June 2013 (photo here), thing which is proved by the correspondence with Usatii, those from RISE tried to convince us in the movie that they received it in 2014, when Mihai entered Moldova with a VW Golf Photo here.

The same goes for other moments, such as the talks with Renato, filmed in 2013, but wanting to pretend to be from 2014. They made dozens of mistakes in data and unforgivable errors for a documentary investigative movie, RISE launched the production on internet. They made everything so that an ignorant person could see that Usatii was the one in real danger. Investigators and prosecutors who made the movie however provoke a total misunderstanding, as the movie is protecting Usatii by fake proofs concerning the involvement of Antonov and his noble intentions to help the investigations.

So RISE managed to please everyone, including themselves. Usatii later tells about the preferences of RISE in reconciliation, admitting the details of the deal they had with him. Video here.


If the investigation of those from RISE was a real one, based on gathering of evidences, journalists would not have lost from view the fact that Renato, Pisateli, Clifford and the rest of bandits involved in the attack made on Gorbuntov knew each other, before RISE came.

Beside the old ties of Usatii with the group of killers, ZEPPELIN entered in the possession of information concerning the real interests of the Commercial Center ELAT and of all criminal clans from Chisinau. At a said moment all the clans gave their approval when Usatii told them – Gorbuntov has to be expropriated and then murdered.

Beside the fact that RISE didn’t want to link the criminal group Patron with Usatii, because otherwise Oleg's telephone would have to go, the journalists from neighbor country have also omitted other important things convenient only to Usatii  and „ Killer in law” , but as well in further investigations. And those from OCCRP have rebooted the movie of Mihai Munteanu from RISE. Instead of an English translation of the movie made by RISE and Munteanu, on the site of OCCRP was launched another version of the movie, without any moments that would work in Usatii's favour. Video here

A review which is investigating the criminal group PATRON involved in murders on order had to know about the fact that Davitean, the brother in law of Proca, has run away on 17 of January 2013 to Moscow together with Proca (photo here) and then were used by Usatii as courier to send money to Procas family in exchange of fake statements.

Those who are investigating crimes involving criminal groups from Moldova certainly know that prisons in Moldova are under the control of the Makena criminal group that is coordinating its activities with  Solnțevschie, friends of Renato. Putting Pisateli back to prison meant to offer him on a plate to Usatii and those from RJD.

There is not to doubt about the death of Clifford, one of key witness and accomplice in the organization of the attack in London, is a suspicious coincidence, since it happened as soon as the information came only from Pisteli and was neither confirmed officially nor by finding his body. The death or disappearance of Oleg (Timoha) link here. The same thing is happening in the case of Garleanu – a death with many questions. (Photo from the grave/tomb of  Garleanu, he doesn’t have any ross, neither any name written)

But to all these aspects we’ll come back latter, as well as to the involvement of the criminal group in the traffic of cigarettes from EU to those who are offering protection in Romania and those who are helping them to smuggle drugs towards Russia. There are too many persons involved, and 90' are coming back to us thanks to a few people, who are living with the idea that nothing changed.

 *More declarations from Ion Druta you can find here.